Hi, I'm the Flavoress! I love to create handmade art.

My family is full of artists and creators. We have always found great meaning in making, singing, building and playing. It's just part of who we are, whether we do it for profit or for fun. My particular passions include travel photography, handmade art and custom commission pieces.

I originally started by making greeting cards, but it became clear that there is a hybrid category out there - one where a greeting card becomes elevated to a piece of "giftable" art. So what you'll see on my site are a variety of types of products:

  • Handmade Greeting Cards

  • Handmade Art with Gifting Options

  • Original Artworks and Prints

  • Photo Prints

Taking pictures of beautiful places and creating one of a kind beautiful things feeds my soul, and I created this site in order to share these experiences.

I also take commission orders for custom handmade coloring pages and original art.